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Default Who still Believes? (Something positive)

With the cushion of the first 5 weeks. I still think this team can find its identity. During the course of a season teams have transitions, seasons with in a season. Initially this was a 3 point shooting team (thats what people believed dont know why) now they have to find themselves again. It's not easy to find out what you are when 2 starters are out the line up until December and January and not having 2 major rotational players out. Before the season I predicted this team would win max 44 realistically 42. I wanted this team to hopefully win a playoff series or be competitive.

At this point I just want this team to become a scary team in the playoffs. Something that can be built on for next year. Win a series or be uber-competitive, dangerous in a series.

Every year this team gets blown up some how in the FO, coaching, roster. There are only 3 constants Melo, Stat, JR. This isnt the model for success. Grummy did a terrible job and he screwed up the season but his part is over. Now its about Woody, Melo, and Stat this is the hand that they were dealt what happens from this point on is an indictment on them.

I Believe this team can be dangerous and scary. I believe they can find their identity! They can win a playoff series or be super competitive based on the match up!

What do you believe? (Something Positive)
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