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Default Dallas-LA refs perfect example of rules ruining the NBA

I believe there was a thread earlier of why true dominant centers are going extinct. Here it is! Refs are too quick to call fouls at the slightest hint of physicality. There were several foul calls in the game today where there was little to no contact. I was genuinely surprised there was no foul at the end when Vince Carter jumped by Kobe on that jumpshot. Quite a shame because guys like Shaq, Hakeem, Wilt and such would take on three or four guys in the paint with their physical abilities and post skills to get those two points. Sure, they would get their fair share of foul calls, but that's when guys were jumping on them! Nowadays one way or another there would be a foul called every time someone jumps in the post, it's ridiculous. Why develop a post game when you can simply jump in the paint and get two shots? It saddens me that with the game the way it is now, we won't be seeing true dominance on the block like those legends.

Rant over
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