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Default Re: GOAT Full Court and Half Court players? Players who excelled in both styles of play?

Originally Posted by Money 23
Half Court exclusive, that I've seen? Not including beastly post players like Hakeem, Chuck, Shaq, Malone, Duncan

If it's just perimeter players, than the best half court players I've seen are Iverson, Kobe, Wade, T-Mac, CP3, Rose, Marbury, Baron Davis, Penny, G. Hill, Nash, Gary Payton

The best perimeter full court players I've seen, besides LeBron: Pippen, Wade, and Kidd spring to mind.

But you asked for players that excelled at both full and half court. I said Jordan because he was equally dominant in both. There was no holes in his game from either perspective. For as dominant as LeBron is in the full court ... I still see flaws in his half court game.

Good stuff. Dominance in both sets was part of what I asked in the OP, but I was just trying to drive conversation. This topic isn't talked about terribly often, so any and all insights contribute to the discussion.

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