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Default Re: GOAT Full Court and Half Court players? Players who excelled in both styles of play?

Full court:

1. Lebron James -
Freaky combination of strength/vertical/speed/quickness/agility at about 6'9-260 accompanied with PG ballhandling skills and premier vision, passing skills, scoring skills and the fact that he is equally dangerous as a full court defender aswell... makes him the most dangerous full court/open court player i ever seen....

2. Magic Johnson -
Like Lebron, with less athleticism/defense but with the best vision/passing ever.

3. Michael Jordan -
He could do it all and was a freak athlete himself.

Half court:

1. Michael Jordan -
I dont think i need to explain why... or?

2. Shaquille Oneal -
See above.

3. Larry Bird -
Premier vision, passing, shooting, scoring arsenal, IQ, intangibles... he would hurt you in any way he wanted to, any god damn day....

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