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Default Re: Kenyon Martin is a Knick

Originally Posted by Rameek
What does a Salary dump by Memphis have to do with the Knicks... The Knicks did a similar trade to Houston.

You saying cut Thomas which makes no sense. Stat was just coming back so you would cut a big to add Martin who has to get in basketball shape and what if something happened to Stat or Chandler in that time period. Makes no sense.

The Knicks waited got a 2nd round pick for a player who had fallen out the rotation, cleared a spot, added Martin on the cheap.

The Knicks could have cut someone White or Copeland maybe but thats not how it works because that money is still counted against the salary cap.The Knicks are trying to work under fiscal responsibility.
So what is Sheed and Thomas? That's basketball shape? No. None of these guys are in basketball shape. They're old. I'd rather have Martin, whose 35 and used to jump out the gym, than Thomas, who's 40 and hasn't ever really been athletic.

Furthermore, Brewer has been in Woody's doghouse for a minute now. Why not make this move earlier? It's not like we got anything of value. It was a roster spot dump. Not a blockbuster deal. It's been apparent that Ronnie wasn't going to get burn. For that matter, neither does James White. You mean to tell me out of White, Brewer and Thomas, 3 guys who do nothing and get no playing time, you couldn't have gotten that same deal a month ago?
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