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Default Re: My beef with you!

Originally Posted by Rameek
If you cant tell the difference between a player going through the motions and not dont know what to tell you. And its not the point regardless and its irrelevant if you believe he and this team would listen to some new jack coach so be it. not going into another tangent.

I see nothing different between Melo's play and the entire Lakers team. This argument is not going to go anywhere. My stance is always going to be the same. Mike D'Antoni is a terrible coach and as a result, that's why we looked bad. Period. He consistently puts players in bad positions for the sake of him applying his idiotic methods of basketball. We didn't win before Melo. We didn't win when Melo got here. The Lakers aren't winning. The team D'Antoni coaches after he leaves the Lakers probably won't go very far either.
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