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Default Re: What if we make the playoffs?

Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
Philly lost today, we are officially 9th in the east. Milwaukee is on a 3 game losing streak and we are now only 4 games back of them with 26 games to go. Playoffs are a REAL possibility now.

Hold you horses please...

Philly has 4 Games verses Bobcats and Cavaliers down the stretch from March 29

Toronto has Bucks, Bulls twice, Nets and Celtics down the stretch. I would think Celtics are bubble and playing hard. Bucks are bubble playing hard. Bulls and Nets may be playing for home court.

Milwaukee possibly has the toughest schedule with Indiana and Miami... but they may be resting the stars if they are comfortably in the playoffs... could be both ways - the very worst schedule or not so bad.

I know Toronto is making hay in the schedule now and beating good teams but the stretch of the last 5 games is second gear. Does this team have a second gear.. ???

I am not yet convineced.

Next year
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