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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
The reason Brook isn't in the game for offense is because he is shooting an abysmal 41% from the field since the all-star game. Granted, he's gone up against very good defensive centers, but inserting him last night would have been trouble for two reasons. 1) He's shooting woes would have been a detriment on offense. 2) Marc Gasol would have taken over in crunch time because Brook is too slow and dumb to guard him.

PJ cost us the game last night. CJ Watson had the hot hand all night and he is benched for the entire fourth quarter. Meanwhile, Bogans, who has done ABSOLUTELY nothing the entire game, is on the floor. And he wasn't on because of his defense. Prince scored 5 points in one minute and he was the reason they won. 5 of the points on that 9-0 run with two minutes to go came from freaking Tayshaun Prince.

MarShon and Bogans go a combined 0-8 with one turnover just in the second half. And Gerald goes 0-6 with one turnover all by himself. How does that happen?

Brook has to be trusted though and learn to work through these moments. The Nets have no patience. If you don't let players learn when they are young they never will. Basically you got both, Brook didn't play, gained no experience and you lost too.
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