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Default Re: J$ Training for Tough Mudder and 3 on 3 Ball

I did a Tough Mudder... finished top 5% (Toronto), qualified for "World's Toughest Mudder" (didn't do it due to time constraints).

All I did were circuits, and tried to simulate running the race. Remember, you're never going to be running any more than 1-2 K at a time in Tough Mudder (often less than 1 K), with some time stopped for the obstacles (and doing the obstacles) thrown in.

So here's what I did, no gym or weights required:

Find a track at a local school (or somewhere with a bar you can do chin-ups on). Run 900m non-stop, stop, do 20 push-ups, 20 sit-ups.... Run another 900m, do 20 squat jumps, chin-ups to failure. This is one "Set".

I started out with this doing two "sets" for a week, increasing the number of "sets" every week and a half or so. I'd do this workout 3-4 times a week (depending on time). I stopped doing it about a week and a half before TM, and only did 1 5K run about 3 days prior.

I didn't do many hills, but I wish I had. If so, I would have done even better. If you can, find a big hill, that's a long, slow climb and run up it, do your push ups/sit-ups; run down the hill do the squat jumps (and chins if possible). Repeat as necessary. I'd sub that in every other week for one of your runs. Doing it every week might be too much.

If you're not in good shape already ease yourself in, and give yourself enough time. By the time TM came around I was doing about 18K total per workout. I HATE running long distances, and this breaks it up nicely.

Hope that helps.

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