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Default Re: Taking charges in pick up

Originally Posted by L3B120N J4M35
I got a question regarding this. I was playing 5 on 5 yesterday and i was guarding this guy and denied the ball the whole time. and one possession, he had the ball and drove in picked the ball up pushed me off with a clear fore-arm and some of my teammates were trying to call it an offensive foul, but they said no it wasnt. so i decided to just keep fouling him and defense, annoy him reach in everything. so what should i have done, get my way and call it an offensive foul or just hack him the whole time on defense?

Usually, when that happens, it just gives me the green light to play overly physical right back. It usually just gets me more pumped up and motivated during the game.

It's just pickup ball, so there's not much you can do but play hard right back at them.
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