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Default Re: Taking charges in pick up

Originally Posted by L3B120N J4M35
I got a question regarding this. I was playing 5 on 5 yesterday and i was guarding this guy and denied the ball the whole time. and one possession, he had the ball and drove in picked the ball up pushed me off with a clear fore-arm and some of my teammates were trying to call it an offensive foul, but they said no it wasnt. so i decided to just keep fouling him and defense, annoy him reach in everything. so what should i have done, get my way and call it an offensive foul or just hack him the whole time on defense?
I think situations like that will always arise somewhere. There's certain unwritten rules of streetball and when a clear one is broken, the entire system can sometimes malfunction. I think your situation is an example of that.

For the most part, if an offensive player does something ridiculous like that wild, obnoxious forearm you mentioned, it'll often be so obvious that the offensive player will openly acknowledge his wrongdoing. That said, there's sometimes those who will argue their own dirty play like that, which then leads to an escalation in contact (like you mentioned) which usually tends to come to a head where play then has to stop and players have to be separated.

We have situations like that pop up with one of the kids I used to coach. He's 20 years old and now goes 6'6'' 230, but his offensive moves tend to lack lateral motion from the perimeter. As such, I regularly anticipate his slow moves beat him to a spot 19 feet away from the hoop, but he just tries to bull through any one standing directly in front of him. Inevitably, if he overpowers me through illegal means (the head down bull rush through my body from the three point line down to the bucket), it'll probably lead to illegal defensive means as a counter. Then we both get pissed. He tells me to stop fouling. I tell him to actually attempt to make a move around a defender on the perimeter. Then we both acknowledge our faults and move forward.

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