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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

I actually agree with Niko here(though I wonder why he was posting in the nets forum to begin with). Marshon's struggles is largely due to Avery Johnson destroying his confidence early in the season by sitting him on the bench games after games. When you have shitty coaches, this is what happens. Marshon was already a half-damaged good when PJ took over, so its a tough choice what to do with Marshon.

However, young players need play time, they make mistakes but they also learn quickly from those mistakes. If you leave no room for them to make mistakes, they will never reach their full potential. Let's face it, the Nets have zero chance to beat the Heat in a playoffs series, its a good time to give young players like Marshon to practice and grow. Unless we find a way to move him for a quality PF next season, Marshon's improvement(along with Lopez's) will determine this team's ceiling.
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