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Default Re: The official Raptors basketball 2012-13 game thread

First off, what an ugly loss. Gay couldn't drop a rock in the ocean tonight but yet there's a ton of blame to go around. Our defense was deplorable. Layups and dunks given up with the game on the line. Open shot after open shot. Unless Val had some type of major unknown injury occur when he was taken out late in the third, i'm not sure why the hell Bargs was inserted in there right when we were neck and neck with Washington and kept in while missing most of his shots and being his normal self on defense looking lost and pathetic. From the point he entered the game and on we were playing catchup. Even when Val isn't putting up many numbers on the board at least he's in the right spots, playing hard defense, and fighting for it in the paint. He brings value to the game whether he scores or not. The lineups from the late 3rd and on were ridiculous. You put the worst possible rebounding and defensive unit we have all out there at the same time and we get chewed up. Then the starters are playing catchup ball. This game was enough to prove to me we are not a playoff team. Only way we get in is if Milwaukee continues to sputter and it becomes one of those years where a sub .500 team makes the 8 seed.

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