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Default Re: The official Raptors basketball 2012-13 game thread

I have no idea why Casey is under the impression that once it is the fourth quarter you are not allowed to play two bigs at once. I am so tired of seeing Val on the bench in the fourth, as he gets benched even when he is playing well.

Casey's horrible rotations, lack of play calling, and just general infatuation with small ball is going to kill the already slim chance at making the playoffs. Both BC and him need to be fired in the off season and replaced with respectable people with experience.

Bargnani plays 21 minutes and Val just under 18.. yet Val who is the starter and isn't playing like absolute shit is the one receiving the short end of the stick?

And Rudy couldn't hit anything what so ever, 1-11 and I'm pretty sure his only basket was a dunk if I recall correctly.

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