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Default Re: Taking charges in pick up

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I'm A-OK with people playing as hard as they can. I've guarded people full court in pickup games before, usually when I sense they're not someone who's going to like dealing with that pressure, leading them to give up the ball early. Sometimes it's easier to pick up full and force an early pass than allowing a player to saunter downcourt and have an open opportunity to make something happen in the half court. Sometimes dangerous half court ball players still don't like having to work their way out of the backcourt.

Back to the point though, I just think there's a difference between playing hard and playing dangerous and oftentimes, attempting to take charges (especially outdoors) can be very dangerous for the offensive and defensive player.

Oh, I didn't mean to imply that I had a problem with stuff like that. I just mean stuff like taking charges and always picking up full court strikes me as a little odd in a pick-up game. The full court D is all good, altho I consider it a waste of time and energy vs any reasonably skilled player, because its just a case of effort and not putting anyone in harm's way.

Charges are too risky with the potential to get flipped around in the air and land badly.
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