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Default Re: my top-5 players at each position

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
McCoy was better than Suh this year

No. Don't you love stats? Suh had more tackles and sacks. I think maybe his rep might sour people's opinions a bit.

Gonzalez isn't better than Gronk and Witten and Graham...he is fine where he is

I was ready to write him off in the past, but as long as he keeps producing, then you can't deny him. Witten is Romo's go-to guy, but only 3 TDs? Gonzalez has Jones and White, but still produced. Maybe you're putting more stock into what they can do in the future while I'm putting more into what they did this past season.

Suggs is an elite OLB, this was proven the year before last where he won DPOY...he deserves the benefit of the doubt, just like Fitz

Well, I guess what I said above is true. You're more looking at the future while I'm looking more at the past season.

Tyron only gave up 3 sacks this year, he was awesome, the only great Cowboy's oline man...he should have made the probowl
"I tracked Smith as allowing only three sacks in 2012, but don’t forget that ‘sacks allowed’ is a low-frequency stat that’s rarely indicative of a player’s real value."

You gotta agree with that. A guy could have lower numbers because his QB is good at avoiding sacks and/or gets rid of the ball quickly while another guy could have higher numbers because his QB is a statue that holds onto the ball too long.
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