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Default Re: Who still Believes? (Something positive)

Originally Posted by Rameek
The funny thing is most of the 3 pointers arent bad shots. Many of them are WIDE OPEN shots but this team cant make them. I think that prevents penetration because the lane is packed. I do agree they should focus on making more midrange shots. But teams are going to let them shoot long shots because they no longer respect the Knicks ability to make them.
I agree with this. I don't see us taking terrible shots. I do, however, see us working for open 3's on offense instead of making the goal to be getting easy layups.

End of the day, you take what the defense gives you. When you don't have players that put pressure on the defense, that's when you become a 3 point hoisting team. If our guards step up and start driving the lane, we'll be way more dangerous as a team. In the games where JR and Felton are attacking, our offense looks so much better.
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