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Default Re: Wizards are 13-9 since Wall came back

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
I wanna see Nene put up 18 and 9...He's boxing out, as someone said, but I want his minutes to be consistent. He's a great passer, runs the floor so well, and is a legitimate post player, on both sides. If only he put all of this together, while staying healthy.

Wall has had an impact, as his returning has given the other players the desire to play. They had Jordan Crawford play a lot of PG this season. Just think about how stupid that sounds.

They need a coach tho.

The coach has been doing fine. He just doesn't have much to work with. What they need is a new GM.

Several recent 1st round picks are pretty much useless (Vesely, Singleton, Seraphin, Booker) while other teams are getting contributions from late 1st and 2nd round picks.

If any of their best players get hurt there is a huge dropoff.
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