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Default Re: Taking charges in pick up

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
Oh, I didn't mean to imply that I had a problem with stuff like that. I just mean stuff like taking charges and always picking up full court strikes me as a little odd in a pick-up game. The full court D is all good, altho I consider it a waste of time and energy vs any reasonably skilled player, because its just a case of effort and not putting anyone in harm's way.

Charges are too risky with the potential to get flipped around in the air and land badly.
I am once again in agreement with your feelings on charges in streetball. And I understand you don't necessarily have a problem with full court defense. It's not something I do a lot, but I do believe it's a completely acceptable play, as opposed to charge taking.

Some believe full court pressure is a waste of time and energy versus any reasonably skilled player, but I do not necessarily agree. I consider myself reasonably skilled and if a tireless and skilled defender picks me up full court while I'm handling the ball, it's not always awesome. I mean, it doesn't lead to a litany of turnovers, but it can definitely take me out of a groove and possibly wear me out quicker than normal.

On the other hand, I've had some out-of-shape shlubs give full court pressure a shot and it more or less leads to a non-stop 5-on-4 fast break. But if the right player is guarding the right guy, it can be advantageous to extend defensive pressure.

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
people drive into your chest at full speed and call fouls. that is what bothers me about playing with no charges. I don't take charges but every once in a while I'll tell some bum what he is doing and I will never give them that bull shit call.

Also, if you are really trying to spam moving screens etc. then it should be called if you are altering the game and playing decent comp. I have run many a court and if someone if walking through screens while im chasing a shooter then I'm either running over them or calling it. Depends on the setting tho.
Yep, I'm with you on both fronts. Some type of balance must be struck between the offensive and defensive player in the "drive into chest" situations.

Moving screens can actually be a real problem too. I'm assuming that, like me, you're not referring to guys who just kind of don't have their feet set. Rather, we're talking about the folks who are more or less bulldozing opponents on the move, like a downfield block. I've played with one guy in particular who waited until his point guard began driving to the hoop, then he'd run up from the block and meet and blind side the recovering defender at full speed in the middle of the paint. That was an issue.

Like you said though, a lot of those instances don't necessarily result in moving pick fouls. Instead, I tend to respond in kind. If a player is setting a running pick, I will attempt to run through it with a shoulder down, which, at 6'3'' 170 doesn't always do much, but it usually gets the point across.

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