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Default Re: Taking charges in pick up

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
One thing about the full court D is that if the pressure is actually good usually you can just pass it to someone guarded by a defender unwilling to go full court.

Stuff like that is almost always poorly coordinated in a pick-up setting.
Right, and oftentimes, that's the idea. One of the rare times I'd opt for full court pressure is when my opponent seems to be, by a safe distance, his team's best ballhandler but someone who still might opt to get the ball up the easier way (i.e. passing to an open teammate) rather than trying to break me down one on one for the length of the floor. In that case, it puts the onus on his less experienced ball handling teammates to get things going, which is sometimes enough to throw off a team's entire rhythm.

Defending the length of the floor is not standard for me. It's just situational, depending upon whether I see a weakness in my opponent or his teammates.
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