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Default GOAT vs GOAT Player vs GOAT Team Player vs. Best Winner

Do all of these three concepts get mixed up a bit too much for you? Please contribute, add, ebate... I hate to see guys on TV not be able to distinguish between the four.

GOAT - Not necessarily relegated to player on the court. Impact such as making the game great, being the person that revived the league and saved the game get special consideration here and are factored into the assessment. Accolades, awards, rule changes, records and total resume are all part of the measurement.

GOAT Player - What happens between the 50 by 90 foot court. This does not incorporate such things as accolades, resume or impact off of the court. Its about pure play. Stats can be used but player description and excellence are looked at. Skills, Fundamentals, Domination, Qualites are all part of the equation. Its an individual measure. Most people experience and appreciate the game in this mode but almost always use:

Best of the Champs (BOTC) - Separates an aspect of GOAT and GOAT player. This is the best player on the champions. Its related to team, situation, circumstance, organization, and even luck but you definitely need determination, will, teamwork and greatness along with great achievement to succeed. Most people use this criteria, which is emphasized more in basketball than other team sports.

GOAT team player - They are selfless, sacrificing winners who had the great affect on teammates. It was so impactful it's tangible but its listed as an intangible. Also in this group are the unheralded Sum is greater than parts players like Ben Wallace, Kidd, Rodman...etc. Thanks Owl and PTB Fan who contributed this one in another post.

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