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Default Re: Best Point Guard to Pair With Durant in OKC? CP3 or Tony Parker

Originally Posted by imdaman99
of course, the same way griffin went from 22.5 pts a game to 18.5 with cp3

the answer is westbrook. thunders offense is not the problem, they lead the league. their role players disappear on the big stage. imagine if miamis role players were switched with okc's in the finals. okc then wins 4-1

Yeah, their role players aren't fantastic, but they don't really disappear as much as Westbrook and Durant just go into iso/hero ball mode when they play Miami and don't pass it to guys like Sefolosha or Martin or Ibaka who can hit an open jumper. Miami is in their head and the Thunder have no chance to beat them in a 7 game series until that changes. The overall problem isn't offense. The Thunder tend to get complacent on the defense end and allow teams to go nuts on them from time to time. If they keep their focus on both ends of the floor, they should make it back to the finals.
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