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Default Re: How old do you think you can carry on playing basketball til?

Originally Posted by stevieming
I am 34. And the realisation of the drop off was during a fast break with a ball thrown ahead of me, I was slightly ahead of the defender and he sped past me to get the ball back for his team. This was a guy I out raced a few years back consistently, that really depressed me.

I have a right crossover hesitation move that use to be unstoppable, now it's useless.....

Man, at 28 you're still in your peak!!! Enjoy it!

Age 40 and still playing well!! Thats what I wanted to hear!

Going to hit the gym harder to try and keep what little athleticism I have left.
Maybe it's about crossing a threshold. I mean, maybe we all must struggle with the fact that our spry athleticism will eventually wane. And maybe we just won't be able to accept that for a long time.

But I bet at some point, older ball players who wish to continue playing learn to accept their new limits in some areas and just begin expanding their games in other spots. And perhaps that's where all the 40+ Larry Bird-level-crafty players come from.

For instance, there's been a 5'9'' fellow who's surely in his 50's who I've seen around our park and gym here for at least the last seven years or so. He's not fast, he's can't jump, but he works his tail off, very consistently executes the correct cuts, and more or less plays a very fundamental level of basketball. That still doesn't save him from being swatted if he attempts a layup with a guy like me trailing, but it keeps him afloat in most aspects of the game. In fact, it not only keeps him afloat, it actually gives him a lot of advantages. He scores, he rebounds, he does a little of everything just because he's tinkered his game to maximize his abilities.

Whereas right now I might opt to forego a correct cut on a particular trip down the floor, choosing instead to hover for the ball then blast past my defender and finish above the rim, I'm guessing someday - when I can't rise or blaze anymore - I'll just have to re-establish my game to the point where I'm always making those correct cuts, living off intelligence and strategy instead trying to out-athleticize everyone.

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