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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by Kiddlovesnets
I actually agree with Niko here(though I wonder why he was posting in the nets forum to begin with). Marshon's struggles is largely due to Avery Johnson destroying his confidence early in the season by sitting him on the bench games after games. When you have shitty coaches, this is what happens. Marshon was already a half-damaged good when PJ took over, so its a tough choice what to do with Marshon.

However, young players need play time, they make mistakes but they also learn quickly from those mistakes. If you leave no room for them to make mistakes, they will never reach their full potential. Let's face it, the Nets have zero chance to beat the Heat in a playoffs series, its a good time to give young players like Marshon to practice and grow. Unless we find a way to move him for a quality PF next season, Marshon's improvement(along with Lopez's) will determine this team's ceiling.

You think too high on MarShon. Sure his PT could be more secured to make better judgement of him, but for him to take ill advised shots while losing his man on the other end and not being blamed for is preposterous. And for you to say he deserves more playing time because we have no chance against Miami is basically assuming we're a lottery team who have nothing to lose. MarShon himself doesn't determine the ceiling. The entire bench production does. It's kinda hard to give the guy more minutes when he's not a player a team is trying to build around, also when he's been inconsistent when given the chance. You can't blame the coach for this. It's all on him.

Speaking of blaming the coach, I'm getting sick of Nets fans blame PJ for everything he does. Last time Brook was benched against the Bucks due to poor matchups Blatche played well getting a W and no one said shit. Then after a loss to Memphis everyone's on his ass for benching Brook for the exact same reason. If Brook played in the 4th and we lost the same way, people would be on him for not being consistent with his strategy. It's lose-lose situation for him. I mean I do agree sitting our go-to offensive player is a bit absurd, but how can he struggle against physical players like that when you're so-called the best offensive center in the NBA? Sanders and Gasol made him their bitch in those games.
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