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Default Re: Does LAL s 2002 championship have an asterisk?

There has never been, and never will be, an "asterisk" next to any title. If you win a title you win a title.

Now, you can argue all you want about how easy or hard the road to that title was, and how easy or hard the era; and what that means for the players who won it. If you want to argue that Karl Malone's 0 rings are worth more than Lebron's one ring, because Malone went up against the greatest team of all time twice and would've beaten anyone else, while Lebron went against and barely beat teams those Jazz would've eaten for lunch, and Lebron's team was unfair anyway, or whatever, go ahead and make the case. But if you win a ring you win a ring. It means you won the last game of the season - only one team can claim that each year. And even if the competition is relatively easy, to hold out that far is difficult. Plenty guys have shown themselves not to have the willpower.

As for the Kings... they choked. Period. Whatever else was going on, if one player on that team besides Bibby had a heart that wasn't made of straw, they would've won the series.
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