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Default Re: J$ Training for Tough Mudder and 3 on 3 Ball

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Appreciate the kind words, Bandito

Yeah in that brief stretch of time after the 2nd mile or so where your lungs and legs are ACHING and every subconscious thought is trying to make up any excuse.. ANYTHING to get you to stop.. ie.e. "I worked hard yesterday let me just stop and catch my breath" or "What's the point of this?" or "Ughh I'll never be Dave Goggins," that one conscious push to say "F*CK U I'M ENDING DIS" and go even harder is a defining moment of street hunger. Volumes can be written about that! Like they say, the night is darkest before the dawn.

That's what separates the boys from the men and running a 5K without stopping has outstanding carryover effect to many of life's troubles. It'll be a great day when you see your future son or daughter push themselves past pain!

BTW, how's the search for that Mosaic book holding up?

If the endgoal is to be proficient in a certain language man if you can take a few minutes to try the following resources:
google "Pimsleur" PDF

And if you want to generate and develop ideas for writing, PM ME.
I ended up buying at 48$ (new) because most amazon sellers don't want to send to Puerto Rico. I'm not trying to be proficient I am trying to pass my English class in college.

Hey Raininthrees, I might do that because I started working out, and I am getting a little gut because of all the protein shakes I am taking. I also hate running lung distances so maybe doing circuits of running and walking might help.

I am trying to join the volleyball team this term so wish me luck. (I suck at sports but I am athletic enough to run a lot and jump high)
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