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Default Re: Your Top 5 ATG Hip-Hop Albums

my sh!t changes all the time as well.

madvillain - madvillainy
mobb deep - the infamous
mos def - the ecstatic
nas - illmatic
jay-z - reasonable doubt

okay. madvillainy has everything you could possibly want in a rap album. underground hip-hop titans both handle the lyrics and production. the infamous is just one of those albums that represents its era and location perfectly. if there was one album I could choose that could encapsulate the more grim side to 90s new york, it would be it. the ecstatic is just an incredibly well rounded project. illmatic is there because of its historical prestige, and influence on other hip hop acts. reasonable doubt is probably my favorite album from any genre of all time. it's like the musical version of the wire for me. way ahead of its time, regardless of whether or not it got any recognition prior to a million jay-z references on later albums.

honorable mention:
only built for Cuban linx is definitely up there, but it isn't as easy on the ears as these 5. I feel horrible for not having a roots album in here somewhere. as far as underground goes, celestial clockwork by illogic is also a fukkin masterpiece. graduation by kanye is also a standout in history, as it will certainly age well.
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