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Default Re: Your Top 5 ATG Hip-Hop Albums

Originally Posted by detroitkid816
everything good mobb deep had going for them was displayed in the infamous. not to say that hell on earth was a bad record at all, but it's a bit hard to take seriously. hood niccas is what mobb deep were, and I felt like the more atmospheric approach with the production style was a bit of a turn off considering the grimey 90s niccas that they were. they really don't have much to offer lyrically in comparison to guys like nas, jay, or big, but what they did have was an incredibly dark perspective best presented from the straight-from-the-projects type of sound, if you get what I mean

Yeah, "Give Up The Goods" is probably my all-time favorite Mobb track. It's definitely close between the two, although the point is well made as far as the authenticity of it. Hell On Earth is still a grimey album, but the subject matter had switched up a little to go with the added texture to Havoc's production... Everybody was getting on that mafioso train in the mid-90s. I still appreciate shit like It Was Written simply for the level of lyricism put into it, regardless of the fact that Nas was peddling a completely false persona or that he was coming of Illmatic.
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