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Default Re: Who still Believes? (Something positive)

Clutch switching isnt too bad normally when its not everytime down the court.

When you switch between Felton, Kidd, Shump, Melo the game starts with the Knicks at a disadvantage because they cant defend their position normally so any switch is an automatic mismatch.

Now that Sheed is out for the year its a blessing in disguise. Now the Knicks can just bring in a Center to rebound and block shots. Since Stat can not defend well eventually maybe Kenyon can be the starting PF. Playing a normal size team would be a blessing and it will help Chandler tremendously. Because the other 4 starters can not guard their position at least Chandler can get some help in the paint finally. Hopefully this will re-energize Chandler for the 2nd half push.
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