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Default Re: Kenyon Martin is a Knick

Originally Posted by franchize
Only because it's like a last resort. Like I said before, I'm not against the signing. I AM against putting yourself in a position where you NEED to sign Kenyon Martin rather than it being a luxury. For instance, the Heat signed Birdman. They didn't HAVE to sign him to contend. They did it to make their team even better. We HAD to sign Martin. We couldn't even remotely be considered threats with the roster we had.
That's because their three is better than any of our three.

The sooner you guys admit that, you'd feel much better about it.

miami brought in guys who were considered done and untouchable as well...regardless of age.

Shard was done...but in Miami he shoots 40% from three.

Ray Allen looked old in his shooting is above 40% from three as well.

no one wanted to touch does and he contributes.

These are not youngsters they added.

but their core makes it easier for their role players to perform well.

Ours do not.
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