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Default Re: Kenyon Martin is a Knick

Originally Posted by franchize
You're right. We did have this conversation. I also gave you a list of players that were better alternatives and cheaper than Kidd and Camby. We're also 6th in the league in there are 5 teams who spend just as much as us. Furthermore, once again, I was never in support of the Chandler yes...once again...for about the millionth time... I am complaining about our roster.
You did and those player wanted more money and accepted less later on like OJ and gerald green.

OJ mayo makes 4 mil and wanted 8, and we acquired Kidd with the mle which was 3 mil.

Camby was acquired by trading garbage to equal a salary he wanted, and btw Miami wanted him as well.

Even Gerlad Green makes over 3 mil so i have no idea why your doing the revisionist thing.

Good talent follows good players at the end of the day.
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