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Default Re: Things We Have Done In Real Life That We Wouldnt Tell Anyone Else

Originally Posted by atljonesbro
Actually no. You were committing a crime and if you got arrested you would be put in jail where every ones tax money would be paying for you. Plus you were setting an awful example for anyone who may have been around you, plus you were disappointing anyone who may be family or friend by doing it.

I'd get the worst out of the jail experience, by far, and really the money any individual would pay for such a thing is something nobody could possibly notice. I didn't do drugs around kids either so this example thing is some of the worst horseshit I've read. Pretty much everyone I was hanging out with had been to prison, done far worse shit than I'd dream of doing, and were older for the most part. I did not influence anyone to do drugs, and have made it a rule to never introduce anyone to them. Fact is, I always preferred doing drugs alone, and always thought it was a pain in the ass where you go to get your shit and getting into a situation where you end up hanging out.

As far as disappointing family and friends? This is the biggest joke, I won't get into specifics, but I'll just say that my family has disappointed me, and I can honestly say I don't owe them shit. The only family member who hasn't disappointed me, has their own addiction problems, which I'd say are worse than mine and have gone on longer.

Friends? My "friends" were the people I was smoking crack with, or the people introducing me to dealers. One of only a few friends I had who occasionally had my back was the same person who introduced me to both crack and heroin.

So once again, you've proven to be ignorant. All you did was repeat some bad cliches that sound straight out of an after school special.
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