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Default Re: Midseason Adjustments

Originally Posted by DKLaker
You are on the money Tam, but 2 things to consider.....the guys who take the fewest are spot up shooters who can't create their own shots from 3 or are unwilling to take a bunch of shots.......and the offense is set up to take a ton of 3's. Do you really think a guy like Blake could even get off 6 3's a game if an opponent knew he takes that many? No, he needs to be wide open.

Like dd24's about this terrible system and philosophy we are stuck with that doesn't work.

L.A Jazz, yeah I'd bet anyone that Kobe is going to do everything in his power to get the team into the playoffs.....he's Kobe But I don't think we'll get there.

The sad thing would be for us to miss the playoffs and then Phoenix gets the #1 pick in the draft with the pick they got from us
It could really happen.

I really think Metta is being too aggressive in taking that 3pt shot instead of being judicious. The first 3pt attempt vs Dallas he took, his feet wasn't even set yet
Nash has helped this team's offense by being aggressive with his shots, I disagree with Blake, bec, whenever I see him play, he will take it. You forgotten already the 4-5 3pt shots he converted vs Denver in Game 7 last playoffs?
Going back to Metta, He can do other things like using his wide body to set picks (Nash was doing this the first several games he got back from the injury) or he can dive to the basket like what Jamison and Clark do when Kobe has the ball instead of simply lurking in the perimeter.
Also, there I have not seen Dwight "re-post" and actually get an entry pass!,
When Dwight passes in the perimeter esp to Metta, he would simply jack it up.
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