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Default Re: The official Raptors basketball 2012-13 game thread

Originally Posted by Jballer
Like I say I dont really feel strongly one way or the other... I reserve my judegement.

I am not claiming Casey is a genius (or a moron).

I will play devil's advocate and say this is literally almost the third team Casey has coached this season. The one at the begining... the one decimated by injuries.. and now the one with Rudy Gay in line up for all of 10 games or something..

Now does that make a difference ? I think it does.

Yes to a certain degree the bar is so low in Raptorland that playing hard is enough... for this season. I would say the realistic expections are (1) miss the playoffs, (2) give away the draft pick (3) see the full line up minus Bargnani, Kliza plus misc piece back... compete next season.

Then I will make up my mind.

This is also Casey's third year with this team and he's never put together an efficient offense for us. But then I guess last year we had a shortened training camp, and the year before that was his first. Just like for Andrea there's always an excuse to keep giving chances to proven mediocre talents on this squad.
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