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Default Re: RoundMoundOfReb is easily the worst poster on the boards

Originally Posted by Money 23
Wouldn't be surprised if he was a pauk alternate.

There is like a contingency of retards on these boards for YEARS that have the same shitck.

They act like they are majority fans of another player or team, yet are the biggest massive LeBron stans that is literally all they talk about. As if because they pretend to be fans of another player or team, they're somehow unbiased.

Literally, this isn't false. There are tons of the biggest LeBron stans that act like their fans of someone else:

NumberSix - Lakers fan, but on Bron's jock like pubic lice

pauk - Self proclaimed un-biased Reggie Miller fan

Pacers4ever - Self proclaimed ISH #1 Pacers fan. Never in Pacers threads, only in LeBron threads defending him like Gloria James. Coincidence?

Nash - the Steve Nash repping fan, who claims thats why he joined ISH yet for years just talking about LeBron. It took MASSIVE influence for him to finally admit his fandom of LeBron. Oh, and he has never been seen openly rooting for the Suns or now Nash on the Lakers.

the now defunct pauk alternate "sh0wtime" a "Lakers / Magic Johnson fan" who only talked and defended LeBron.

All of this isn't by coincidence. It's alarming. The only two other examples I can think of something similar but for a different player is

Roundball_Rock - Fake Bulls fan

tpols - "Nets fan" who only talks and defends Kobe

Heavincent - "Nets fan" who only talks and defends Kobe

In RoundMounds defence, he does talk an awful lot of shit about the Knicks while posing as a Raptors fan
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