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Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Herschel Walker is a genetic freak of nature and one of his buddies has said he says this sh!t for giggles. Yes it's true that there was once a time when the guy was poor so he tried out different pushup positions and did an insane amount of reps and yes he did hill sprints before getting ready for football, but there is NO WAY IN HELL he did not spend time under the iron AFTERWARDS. That's some DBZ hyperbolic time chamber type sh!t.

Your traps could not get that large without the usage of power cleans, deadlifts, and/or shrugs. Your delts can not get that large.

He said that he eats only one meal a day (a vegetarian soup with bread) and tehre is no way in fukking hell that's adequate protein to support that much lean body mass.

He says he sleeps 4 hours a day. Still verdict on that.

SP disregard what the guy says and do 5/3/1 or H.I.T Training, brotha. This is way too time consuming and inefficient for hypertrophy.

yeah, if those are his claims then i call bullshit. not enough protein, and not enough rest to repair his muscles.
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