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Default Re: Alex Smith traded to KC

Originally Posted by Nanners
I think its a little soon to say that the chiefs overpaid. One thing about Smith is he needs the right coach in order to succeed. After seeing how he played once Harbaugh showed up, I am very interested to see how he works with Reid, one of the best coaches in the game. Also looking back at recent trades, the going rate for a mediocre quarterback has been pretty damn high recently. If Smith can produce on a level similar to what he did with Harbs in SF, this is a good move for the Chiefs.

Great trade for SF too. I think this trade is a win/win for both sides.

I hear alot of people saying that about Smith but people don't realize how inept the previous coaches were. Besides Norv Turner in 2006(which Alex made strides under) all of the coaches were awful. None of them had any creativity and most of them ran vanilla HS offenses(no joke). Smith also missed alot of time due to injury. Besides can't you say the same about every player practically?

The organization was a mess before Harbaugh or the new York came in. It wasn't just Alex who got better but basically everyone on the squad. Joe Staley, Anthony Davis, Dashon Goldson, Ahmad Brooks, Bowman, Boone, etc, all dramatically improved their play under Harbaugh.
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