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Default Re: The official Raptors basketball 2012-13 game thread

Originally Posted by bokes15
I'm so frustrated. Val was BEASTING in the first half. The dude was playing great defense (that 2nd foul was another one of those "rookie" calls), grabbing boards, blocking shots, and filling the lane. In the 2nd half you put in Bargnani who does absolutely nothing AGAIN, missed all his shots, grabbed ONE rebound in 15 minutes, played deplorable defense...And yet, who was in the game once again with the game on the line??? Not the guy who was making an impact, Bargnani once again. Ok now that part is out of the way.

No minutes for Ross in a game where our bench made 8 total points on 4/14 shooting. Telfair was a useless pickup I hate to say, we still don't have a legit backup point. And as DJMason said, I serious wonder about our playcalling. Everything they do out there looks totally random especially in the 4th when the game gets tight. The other team almost ALWAYS looks more prepared, offensively, defensively, everything. And we only really win if our team gets hot from the perimeter or the other team goes cold. Casey has been given way too much rope. I really hope Casey/BC are canned in the off-season.

I agree with pretty much all of this, except I think Telfair can be a decent backup. He only played 7 minutes and it was his first game with the team. He won't be racking up the points but he will play better defence and actually pass the ball in comparison to Lucas. He would look better if anyone (besides DeMar and Rudy) could hit their shots when he gets them the ball.

Obviously I'd like to upgrade and get an even better backup for next year but for the remainder of this "playoff push" I think he will be serviceable.
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