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Default Canterbury Tales Homework Questions?

can someone give me the answers aha.
1. How many travelers arrive at the inn?

2. What does the narrator claim the Knight has never done in his whole life?

3. Quote, that is, write out, the simile in the description of the Knight.

4. What type of stain is on the Knight’s clothing?

5. How is the Squire related to the Knight?

6. What detail is mentioned about the Squire’s hair?

7. What profession does the Squire aspire to?

8. Name two skills or talents the Squire has>

9. The Nun is introduced in line 81. What is the nun’s reaction to finding dead or injured animals?

10. Lines 114-116 indicate that the Nun is a large woman. Which of the lines specifically contains litotes, a type of understatement?

11. What material is the Nun’s brooch made from?

12. The Monk is introduced in line 125. Looking through the first eleven lines of the description of him, which two lines contain a simile?

13. What is the Monk’s main interest?

14. Name two items of his clothing that indicate he is wealthy?

15. What is the Monk’s favorite meal?

16. In the first few lines introducing the Student, which line contains hyperbole, very obvious and often humorous exaggeration?

17. What philosopher is mentioned when the narrator discusses the Student’s books?

18. Describe one distinctive thing the narrator indicates about the manner in which the Student talks.

19. What person accompanies and is employed by the five Guildsmen?

20. Beginning in line 216, the Woman from the city of Bath, also called the Wife of Bath, is introduced. What physical disability does she have?

21. What special skill does she possess?

22. In the first thirteen lines, introducing the Wife of Bath, which line contains hyperbole, very obvious and often exaggeration?

23. What color are her stockings?

24. The wife of Bath has had serval husbands, each of whom has died. Exactly how many husbands has she had?

25. How many times has she visited Jerusalem?

26. In line 248, the parish priest, or Parson, is introduced. Identify one virtue the Parson is particularly noted for.

27. How does the Parson travel while visiting all of the houses in his parish?

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