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Default Re: Raptors official off-season thread 2013-14

That Landry Fields deal is looking dumber by the day. We still owe the dude another 13 mill over the next 2 years. Kleiza has a player option for another 4.6M which unless some team is gonna offer him more without having seen him play anytime recently he'll probably exercise. Amir kicks up to 6.5M. Derozan jumps to 9.5. Bargs at 10. Rudy at almost 18M. Going into the offseason we are gonna be on the books next year for 72 million. That puts us WAY up there and we're now a top 10 team in terms of salary dished out. But if you look at the other teams rivaling or bettering us in terms of spending (LA, NY, Miami, Chicago, GS, LAC, SAS, etc...) we are one of the only ones that have spent needlessly for a team that is still a bottom tier scrap for an 8th seed type of team with maybe one guy you could consider a borderline superstar.
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