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Default Re: Taking charges in pick up

Originally Posted by Rake2204
Was this someone you did not know? That'd be relatively strange for a random person to give unsolicited basketball advice in a situation like that (especially if you're both adults and about the same age).

But also, why play 1-on-1 but only go 35%? I'm not sure I treat each impromptu 1-on-1 contest as life or death, but unless my opponent is literally terrible (which happens sometimes) I tend to give it a solid shot.

Never met or even saw the person before. I was 22 he was probably a year or two older. He kept talking about how he 'he was the last guy cut from the college team'.

I really only go to shoot around and work on moves by myself, basically meditate/shut my brain off. I was the only person there and he started shooting on my hoop, then asked to play like 3 times. It put me in a weird spot.

I don't go hard because I don't see the point. I'm not making a career out of ball, I end up getting hurt often because of past knee/ankle injuries, there's no ref, who knows how the person will take losing, etc. I play just hard enough to look like I'm trying... Basically I just keep the score competitive.
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