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Default Re: F uck vegans, like seriously.

Originally Posted by Ne 1
There's nothing I hate more than ignorant vegans who try and skew facts to their agenda.

I've known a few intelligent people who are vegans for their own, well educated reasons, but they're sure as hell not going to fabricate complete bullshit to try and convince others to become vegans.

A well balanced diet is the healthiest for a human, but you can get away with vegetarianism or even a vegan diet, it's just VERY hard to get all your nutrients from a full vegan diet. My good vegan friend takes a ton of supplements in order to stay healthy.

Anyone who says "a vegetarian/vegan diet is healthier than meat eater" is a complete moron who is using the average American fast food consumer as his omnivore example. Meanwhile I could give an example of the super unhealthy vegans I know who eat garbage all day and can't lift a paperclip.

In fact, there's actually no scientific evidence that a balanced vegan diet is superior in terms of health benefits in comparison to a balaced omnivore diet. People who decide to stop eating meat + dairy generally feel better because they had a shit diet before, and laying off daily intakes of milkshakes and bacon cheeseburgers usually makes you feel better... doesn't matter if you switch it for broccoli and tofu or baked salmon and broiled turkey breast.
This. Meat isn't bad for you. Truth is everything is good in moderation. Humans are naturally Omnivores anyways, it makes no sense to alter our diets just to "stop killing animals".
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