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Default Knicks need better defensive effort as playoffs approach

The Knicks have a new Mike, but the same old bad habits as the playoffs approach.

With 24 games remaining last season, Mike D’Antoni resigned as his run-and-gun style with little emphasis on defense was not working with this team. Assistant Mike Woodson took over and the team played with more effort over the rest of that regular season and the start of this one.

But now with 28 games left in this season, the Knicks are reverting to their lackadaisical play on defense and have gone 16-15 over their past 31 games.

“You don’t just purge from one year to the next with a lot of the same personnel of those habits just ’cause you make a coaching change and a couple of guys decide they are going to play harder defensively. It’s more than that,” ESPN analyst Tim Legler said.

-- NY Post
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