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Default Re: Still not ready to fire Grunwald? might want to re-read what people posted before you go on your little rant. Nobody is advocating Isaiah.We're saying that he brought in more talent than Grunwald did. Yet somehow, Grunwald is exempt from criticism yet they couldn't wait to get rid of Thomas. Nobody wants Zeke back. Relax.And if you want to have a "who's more of a Knicks fan" debate...bring it on. Trust me. You will not win.

And let's cut the crap about our record. Our record is what it is mainly because of Carmelo Anthony's play this year...and Grunwald had NOTHING to do with that. Melo isn't the ONLY reason we have a good record but he is the biggest reason. If you remember, he also wasn't too keen on bringing in JR Smith, who has been huge for us. Those were Dolan moves. Now far be it from me to support Dolan. I'm no fan of his. But call it like it is. Carmelo Anthony is a Knick because of him.
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