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Default Re: Raptors official off-season thread 2013-14

Interesting article. It speculates that we will most likely keep Val and Gay. That Amir, Lowry, Ross and Fields probably won't be moved. Obviously in Fields case because nobody would want him at that price unless we packaged him with another player.

It talks about the uncertainty about whether DD will be kept or traded. Which I honestly think he should be traded. Sure he's playing well but he and Rudy are redundant.

It says Bargs and Kleiza are unlikely to be on the roster unless they once again have trouble moving his contract, which is AGAIN possible if they don't lower their standards a little. And it says will definitely not be on the team next year, Pietrus, Telfair, Anderson.

A lot of speculation but my hopes are that we obviously first and foremost get rid of BC and Casey. Then our new GM trades Bargs immediately. Maybe gets a servicable SG that can really shoot and stretch the floor. Then perhaps trade Derozan and pick up a good 4 man so we can have Rudy as our full time 3. And then we gotta pick up a backup point.
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