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Default Re: Who still Believes? (Something positive)

Originally Posted by Clutch
Sorry but expectations are much higher than just making the playoffs,at least for most of the fans.

I would say the goal for this team even before the season was making the ECF.
Right now I would be happy with just advancing the 1st round and be competitive in the 2nd but another first round exit would be unacceptable.

Maybe you would be pleased with us just making the playoffs but I surely wouldn't. I'm not asking much,just win a playoff series after so many years and then try to get as far as possible.
What have you seen from this team to justify this expectation. IMHO you cant say because of 18-5 when JR, Novak, Kidd, Brewer couldnt miss.

What is the tangible evidence that this team is that good?
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