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Default Re: Who still Believes? (Something positive)

Originally Posted by Rameek
Got it. So this teams success is based on everyone elses short comings. None of you can say what this team is yet because no one knows. We know what they are not.

18-5 this team could not miss which minimizes fast breaks and allows the team to set up its defense and getting outrebounded isnt major because they dont miss. That was fools gold.

Point being if you cant point to what this team does well and base the performance on future success there is a problem.

This is what I am waiting to see from March forward. I want this team to have an identity.
All teams are judged by the success of others.

Ive always said this team lives by the three, and the defense was overrated, only competing in the second halves of games.

That is their identity.
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