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Default Re: Who still Believes? (Something positive)

Originally Posted by knickscity
You can play .500 ball for two months, have three starters shooting below 20% from three in well over 5 games, and have an average defense and still occupy the two seed.

That alone should get you out of the first.
My point is this... I know what this team is. My issue is other posters saying this team is better than that. Based on what?

Do I think this team can do better yes. The GM has hamstrung this team but his part is over until after the season. Getting better falls on the coach having a plan getting his roster to execute. It falls on Melo Stat then the others do it. What that it is is the unknown. We have not seen the roster change, coach influence, and players execute. What is this teams identity?

Dont tell me this team is this good because the East is weak.

I think Franchise and I have laid out what we want to see this team do on the floor offensively and defensively.
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