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Default Re: Raptors official off-season thread 2013-14

I think Derozan definitely needs to go. Like Calderon he is largely a known entity who is redundant with a better player on our team and who we have a chance to sell high on for once. We might get burned because he's showing glimpses of real improvement, but you've got to give from a place of surplus to fill holes. Lowry at the 1, Gay, legit stud 4 and an improved Val with actual minutes is a solid starting 4 and if we take the cuffs off Lowry and let him score you could even slot in a hopefully more accurate Fields in at the 2 as a glue guy and save Ross for 25 minutes a night as a sixth man (again assuming he can get some damn minutes).

Amir is our primary big off the bench and then use exemptions and a Bargs deal to fill out the rest of the bench and then bingo, bango, bongo make the playoffs, which realistically is our ceiling at this point.
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