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Default Re: BTE: Joe Rogan Experience Edition

Originally Posted by Hazard
Don't know if you guys seen this, but it kinda blew my mind. Dude basically exposes the TED organization as a cult.
i really apologise for ever thinking of you as a rational, intelligent human being. i guess it was basically just me seeing things i wanted to see... maybe like you and TED?

seriously, don't you f--king get it by now? TED is an extension of the heights and excesses of academia.

does any part of that register?

if you're a casual TED listener / watcher, you'll observe a staggering variety of amazing info designed for the consumer to digest in 20-min packets. which is all for the common man... all for the average dork to think that org's like TED are springing up organically like wildflowers because life is beautiful and politics is only something that evil people engage in.

did you ACTUALLY THINK there would be no real-world price to pay of assholery for that incredible gift to the common man? did rogan really think that as well?

is an otherwise-intelligent guy like joe REALLY so in love with the sound of his voice so as to go all howard stern on this?

does joe REALLY think that TED is some kind of academic legion of doom who makes their own rules and laughs in people's faces?

does anybody know if joe has ever been involved in masters or PHD work at a reputable university?

does anybody know if joe has the ability to weigh conflicting forces and arrive at some kind of motherf--king decent and informed middle-ground?

ok, ok... i lost my cool here. i apologise. but seriously, i like joe a lot and i'm not used to seeing him be a total "oh really, so that's what they did?" kind of sycophant (it rhymes with elephant) without ever engaging his brain. joe is the guy who is SUPPOSED TO ENGAGE HIS BRAIN and tell us about f--d up stuff. and shit...
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